How do I register for a class?

There are 3 ways to register for a class:

  • through our site: Click at Book&Cook
  • via e-mail : Send us an email at mentioning the class and the date that you are interested in and we will respond as soon as possible.
  • Give us a call at +306945872793

You can also find us on Facebook (cookinathens), Instagram ( and Twitter (@cookinathens).

How can I pay for a course?

  • Payment upon booking
  • Payment of a deposit upon cooking and pay the rest at CookinAthens studio after the class
  • Book by sending an email at and pay cash after the class.

Do you sell gift cards?

We think that our cooking classes make great gifts for friends, relatives and work colleagues who travel to Greece. If you want to buy a cooking class as a gift but you are not sure which date the receiver would prefer for their class then a gift card is ideal. They will receive a voucher via email and can simply go online to choose and book a course of their choice. All of our vouchers are valid for 12 months from date of purchase. To buy a gift card please visit Book a class section.

How long is each class?

It depends on the class. Our classes last from 3 to 5 hours, depending on the menu. However if you have less time available please contact us at and we will come up with a solution.

When is the cooking class?

We have classes Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at 9:30, 12:30 and 17:00 and Wednesday and Friday at 11:00. However If you need your group to start at a different time or you want a class on a different day we can make arrangements in advance as long as there are at least 4 participants. Just send us an email at . Book a Class here

How many people participate at each class?

We need at least 2 participants for our cooking classes. Our maximum public class number is 10. However we can accommodate a larger group of guests upon request.

Are your classes hands-on or demonstration?

Our classes are totally hands-on. To ensure all class participants learn the most important parts of the given menu, certain key techniques (such as making dough for pies from scratch) will be executed by all class participants.

I'm New To Cooking. Do I Need To Have Any Special Skills To Attend Class?

Not at all. We’re here to teach and students of any skill level are welcome. If you’re new to cooking, we suggest you ask us plenty of questions.

I Am A Vegetarian. Can You Accommodate Me?

Sure, we will make the best to accommodate you. If you are vegetarian or vegan and in a group of minimum 4 people, please email us in order to arrange a private cooking class. In any case, even if you are the only vegetarian in a group we will be able to accommodate you.

What If I Have To Cancel My Class After I Make A Reservation?

Since it takes a lot of work and ingredients for our classes, classes are normally not refundable. However we understand that sometimes things can go bad so please send us an email up to 48 hours before the class.

What if I have food allergies?

Please note this when you sign up for classes during the checkout process. We will do our absolute best to accommodate your needs, but please note that we cannot guarantee we are free from traces of any allergen and other people in the class may be cooking with that ingredient, even if you do not eat it.

Do you offer discounts for large groups?

If you are part of a large group please contact us in order to arrange a special menu at a special price.

How much food do I get to eat in class?

Please come hungry! We will make plenty of food and in our cooking classes tasting is always encouraged. After the cooking is finished, we will all sit down comfortably for a full meal with your class companions to savor everything we’ve cooked together.

What about alcohol?

We offer 2 glasses of Greek wine with our cooking classes plus some Greek spirits. 

Do you offer private classes?

Yes! For more information on our private class and event offerings, please contact us at  

What do I need to bring to class?

Enthusiasm and an appetite! We recommend that you wear comfortable clothes and flat shoes if possible, however if you think you can cook in high heels go for it.