The Love for
Greek Cuisine

At CookinAthens we have created a cozy environment where we cook traditional Greek food the way our mothers and grandmothers used to do. But also, since we believe that cooking should be joyful and creative, sometimes we use the traditional recipes as a guide to come up with something new.

Our small sized classes encourage our guests to truly participate and immerse themselves in the cooking process.

Our Classes

At CookinAthens we only use fresh and in season products so the menus are adjusted according to the season. The courses are fully hands-on so all menus will be prepared by you (following our instructions of course). We offer complimentary Greek wine and also Greek traditional spirits and refreshments. 


CookinAthens grew out of true love for the Greek cuisine.

At CookinAthens we believe that the best way to learn how to cook Greek food is by doing it yourself, so our classes are totally hands-on.
We use only the best local ingredients and follow authentic recipes to create the best Greek food you’ve ever taste.


Our Athens. The city we, Athenians, love to curse but can’t live without.
I am absolutely sure that you’re going to have a great time in Athens.
Below you can find some tips that will make your stay in our city easier and more enjoyable.

A must-do list while you're in Athens!

-Visit the Acropolis and the Acropolis museum (don’t miss the breakfast at the veranda) but dong forget to visit Lycabetus hill with its spectacular views all over Athens.

-If you’re visiting during summer don’t miss the opportunity to watch a film at an outdoor cimema. There are plenty in Athens.

-Visit Pnyka, the rock where democracy was born.

-Visit Exarchia, my favorite neighborhood, which is supposed to be the revolutionary side of Athens, full of graffities, small cafes and bars, and nice taverns.

-If you are in Athens on Saturday don’t miss the most famous farmers market of Athens at Kallidromiou street at Exarcheia. Fresh food and vegetables and a lot of people shopping at the most iconic farmers market in Greece.

-Eat lunch at a kafeneio (traditional coffee shop that serves 3-4 courses).

-Go to the sea. Take the tram from city centre and enjoy the Athenian sea.

-Visit the Central Athens Public Market in the centre of Athens (Aiolou street). There’s the fresh meat and fish market under one roof in a very beautiful building and directly across the road is the fruit and vegetable market.

-Drink a frappe (iced coffee).

-Buy a “pay as you” go sim card (you can find at the airport) for cheap calls and mobile data .

-Use the metro. Our metro may not be as wide as London’s or New York’s but it can be quite helpful. Buy a 5-day ticket for only 9 euro and use all public transport.

-Taxis in Greece are quite cheap. 3,5 euros is the minimum charge. Download the Beat app and order a taxi whenever and wherever you are.